Virtual Democracy

It doesn’t matter the speech; Virtual Democracy always brings death. Whether the script is of peace or war, assassinating the political opposition is not an optional scene to choose, it is a general rule

-Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
-Morpheus: You've never used them before
The Matrix, 1999

The mirage of a society presented as democratic, imposes images of a world so different to the real one, like virtual realities, preaching changes under the illusion of a sterile pacifism. We attend a prefabricated social order where the mental territories were invaded, colonized and dominated until becoming in a meekness who accepts subhuman living conditions as normal. 

Spanish version: Democracia virtual  
Revolutionary movements thought that hunger would create conditions for people uprisings. But today hunger is calmed with welfare programs, creating a society of beggars that kiss the hand of the master.

Italian version: Democrazia virtuale

Democracy is a media invention which controls people, making them believe that countries are transformed without struggle, without risking their lives in real actions. Thereby, societies forget the struggles of their dead, to whom in life were hated because they dared to desecrate the new crowd idol; that “Virtual Democracy” imposes pacifism to people, while spread violence against those who question the State structures of class domination.

It doesn’t matter the speech; Virtual Democracy always brings death. Whether the libretto is of peace or war, assassinating the political opposition is not optional, it is a general rule that holds in power the political class. Images of white doves or rifles and camouflaged clothing are dramatic turns of the booklet, imposing hatred and blood for a period of time and then imposing forget in the name of peace. 

Protest, rebellion and people uprisings receive sentence of death. Pacifism forbids rioting, and any de facto action that confronts the political class. Even from the family, protest and rebellion are demonized and transformed into shame, into something that must be repudiated and punished. Generation after generation have been drinking of this doctrine, reproduced from the family, which accepts repression as a necessary fact, and crimes against political opposition as unimportant events.

By: Alexander Escobar / Traduction: Byron Salazar

Under this scenario, reflectors and lights of pacifism are mixed demobilizing the struggles against the smiling oppressor, who’s wearing the suit that hides the vilest forms of iniquity. But the lights do not completely blind. Part of the public leaves the show. The seats are slowly unoccupied. The discourses of non-violence are sterile, attacking only the victims of State terrorism, because the State never renounces to deploy violence against the people.

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